I’ve often had the thought in my head of “what do I want to do for the rest of my life?”  When we had Silas the weight of that question became very real to me, but I knew I had some time to try and figure it out.  Four months after Silas was born, we found out we were having another baby.  That changed things…drastically.  We knew then that Steph would not be working at Snowbird anymore, and I would not be able to raise and support our family with half of our regular salary.  All of this then urged me into making a hard and uncomfortable decision.  Should we stay at Snowbird, and try to raise over $1200 more in support?  Or do we transition now?  This has become one of the hardest decisions I have ever made.  It’s not just about me, but what is best for my family.  We soon felt a peace that the Lord was moving us.  Which then begged the question, to what? Where? When?

I started to think about the things I really enjoy and what I could see myself doing for life.  I’ve always enjoyed construction and welding and would love to learn more in those areas, but that would require schooling (which we don’t have the time or finances for).  Once the summer started I began to stress out about it knowing that once camp was over,  I needed to have some kind of decision made.  So I started looking for jobs.  I thought through Wyoming, Florida, Sanford NC, Illinois, Virginia, Pennsylvania and wherever else sounded interesting and/or exciting.  It felt like such an open door for change, we could go anywhere that provided what we needed.  But with large change brought uncertainty of living expenses, finding new doctors for Steph and baby 2, building new community, etc.  It was hard thinking of Steph raising our children in a new unknown place full of unknown people as oppossed to where we have our roots here in Andrews.

We’ve spent several months praying and really seeking the Lord for direction.  But we’ve not felt a certain “calling” or direction that the Lord was leading us to.  Earlier this year, I was offered a job at a local trout plant, here in Andrews.  At that time Steph and I didn’t have a peace about the job and leaving Snowbird.  But as we’ve been praying through this transition, we have seen the great opportunities this job would provide for us.  We wouldn’t have to search for a house, new doctors and we get the support of the community which Steph has been a part of for 11 years now and 6 years for myself.  This is home, and we don’t want to leave with uncertainty of financial security in an area where living expenses would be much higher.

So for now, we hunker down in Andrews.  I will start evening welding classes at Tri County Community College on August 20th and my new job on September 1st.  Steph will continue working at Snowbird through the end of September.  It is a bittersweet feeling.  I hate that this time serving at Snowbird is ending, but I realize that the transition will be easier now, than in two years with 2 boys.  The sweetness is that we will get to spend at least the next 2 years with the community that we love, while I go to school and am able to meet the needs of our family.  This year is full of change as we “leave” Snowbird, Silas will have his first birthday, and about a week after that, we will add one more boy to our adventurous family!  And soon enough Silas will be walking all over the place.  He has already begun pulling up and standing up, its pretty exciting.

We ask that you continue to pray for direction as the Lord molds and conforms our family into His image.  There is still so much uncertainty for the years to come, but we trust that the Lord will make things clear in His timing.

We also want to thank each one of you for the support you have given us while serving at Snowbird.  From prayer, to financial support, we could not have lived these past 4 years here without each of you.  The Lord has shown His faithfulness through each of you and we are so blessed to have had you alongside of us through this journey at Snowbird.

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One Response to Transitions

  1. sharonseng says:

    Praying for you as you go through this time of transition. It won’t be easy, or comfortable, and I’m sure it will take more time away from your family than you like. But God is there every step of the way, guiding, providing, chiseling you into an image more like Christ. Love you Oliver. Thanks for taking such good care of my girl and your sons.

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