Here we go…again

I had been debating writing a blog for a few days, since I was still in shock and not sure how to communicate things well.  But then I realized that the best way to communicate with others, is to be honest.  So here goes…

So we thought that the Lord had started a new adventure in our lives when we first found out I was pregnant with Silas.  Little did we know the Lord was not done with us…this year.  As many of you know, we are now expecting our second child in about 6.5 months.  Yes, that means our kids will be 12 months apart!  I really didn’t even think that was possible, but all things are possible through Christ, Amen?!  I was quite discouraged, frustrated, confused, upset, scared, and well…shocked for the first few days.  I had to make an appointment to see the doctor, “just to make sure”.  Like a positive pregnancy test would ever be wrong?!  I kept trying to convince myself that it could have been a test with a fluke, or I did it wrong.  The Lord quickly put me in my place.

This was definitely not something we “planned” or were quite ready for.  But why would we question God’s plans for us?  We claim to trust Him and what He wants to do in our lives, yet when it doesn’t go the way we expected…we wonder if maybe He did something wrong.  We are truly blessed.  Blessed to have the mess of a son we already have, Silas.  And even more blessed that the Lord chose to give us another child.  Who was to say that we would ever even be able to have another one?!  I’ve had friends and friends of friends who have tried for years to have children and still long for the day when the Lord may choose to bless them with one.  Friends who would even beg to have a child with “complications” just so they could have a child of their own.  It breaks my heart.  I wept.  Why would I be so selfish?  Why would I question the Lord’s plans and timing?  His timing is always more than perfect and exactly the way it should be.  I am truly blessed.

So, needless to say we’ve moved from a state of shock to excitement.  And we’re overjoyed with what the Lord is doing.

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One Response to Here we go…again

  1. Congrats guys! So refreshing to hear honesty from another Mommy!! So many people (including myself) shy away from honesty because it will make them appear that they don’t have it all together (especially those in ministry), which none of us do! God has been revealing so much to me lately, namely when I show my weakness Christ’s goodness & strength shines through (2Corinthians 12:9). These verses have really helped me, Colossians 1:29, 1John 4:18 & Romans 15:13, I’m sure you know them well, but they have been a great reminder to me 🙂 Our 2nd & 3rd kiddos are only 10 1/2 months apart, so I’ve been there, but it does get better and our “Mavis” & “Ethel” have so much fun together 🙂

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