My Flat, God’s Providence

So as we drive across the state heading home from Sanford, it had been quite the day already.  As we neared the Nantahala Gorge, at this point we are about 40 minutes from home, having already been on the road for over 5 hours, when suddenly, all these weird noises and vibrations typical of a flat tire. But no worries, recently I had put our spare tire under the truck to insure that in a flat, we could fix it and get back on the road.

While I changed the tire, a friend of ours passed by, called to see if we needed help, and decided to wait since she had not heard from us. After I got the tire on, I got the car loaded back up, the wife and kid loaded and thanked the state patrol man for directing traffic around me while I laid on the road! Then…the car wouldn’t move! Apparently my spare rim is shaped a little differently, causing one little edge to lock down against the brake caliper. So I had Steph call our waiting friend, I called another friend to bring another spare and it had the same stinkin’  ridge which wanted to play with the caliper. We both laughed and decided to take the blown tire and I would have it fixed and drive it back out in the morning. However he was willing to help me fix it that night, and I couldn’t have argued. We drove back to Andrews and borrowed yet another spare off of a friend’s suburban, knowing it would fit, but definitely checking first. We headed back, changed it out, and headed home. It’s nice to be home.

So where is God’s providence? More or less the whole time I was calm, not upset, but definitely annoyed. So here is God’s providence and watchful hand.  To start, the tire blew on a straight! With living in the mountains, it could have been in a turn.  Next, a state trooper showed up right after I blew the tire to direct traffic away from me. He was a joy to talk to! Then there was our friend who drove by, the one who waited, the one who came back and I was able to trust her to get Steph and Silas back home  and off the side of the road. Also we blew the tire so close to home while it could have been in the middle of our drive leaving us where no one we know was around, leaving Steph and Silas stranded with me. As annoying as it was, it could have been worse, way worse…like middle of the night in Arkansas, with a screaming baby.  But it wasn’t…it was enough to let me know what I needed to get fixed without being “easy”, but also without being “miserable.”  There is more all around to be seen, but I’m thankful for the friends who were near and able to help, and the Lord who showed great mercy, through safety and friends. The whole process ended up being a little over 5 hours, and can be pretty funny to think about, but I am thankful to know that the Lord has and will always provide.

Thanks Anne for getting the fam home, Crock for helping me with the tire while your family was at home sick, and the Clarks for letting us use your spare tire.  Couldn’t have done it without y’all!

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