Kitchen Table

I have this ideal scenario in my head that one day most, if not all, the furniture in my house will be made by myself. It’s a huge task, considering I can’t start now, cause we have nowhere to put anything.

I started building a shop about two years ago, to start working on all my furniture and mechanical projects.  I think Steph was getting tired of me doing my work in the kitchen and on the porch.  I really enjoy my time building, and it’s become another needed source of income for our new and growing family.

This is my latest project for our house. Simply enough we sold our kitchen table and chairs at a yard sale for more money, so I needed to build a new one. I have been stock piling as much wood as I can, and for this table I was able to use some dirty, moldy, rough sawn Maple wood that has spent many years in the rain and weather. I was pretty excited to see what it would look like all cleaned up.

I Started by clamping a 4′ metal square down, and then cut a straight edge with my saw. Then measure over as far as I could, making sure the square is in fact parallel to the newly cut edge.  I did this on all the boards I used, trying to maximize the width, while also making sure it would fit in my planer.

Once all the boards were planed down I cut biscuit joints, then glued and clamped 3 boards together making sure from center I had the diameter I want all the way around.

Once it was all set I mounted my router to a scrap piece of lauan, and drove a nail through the underside of the top, then used my router to gradually remove wood all the way around, never taking more than 1/4″ at a time. Once the cut was made, I changed bits and tried to clean it up as much as possible.

For the legs, I glued 4 pieces together, clamped them, and let them sit for much longer than called for…mainly because I had to go to work. Once I came back to working on them I ran it through the planer again making a square post, then beveled the edges.

For the feet, and under the table, I drew out a shape I wanted and repeated the process, maintaining that the floor supports were 2 pieces, not 4. I then cut out the setting for the feet in the leg, and slid the feet in. I then made 4 pieces to fit under the table top, and screwed them into the post, and also the bottom side of the table.

Once every section was done, I did the worst part which is sanding everything down, and smoothing out edges. I hate the process, I love the finished product.

Here it is finished, all stained up. I wasn’t able to photo every step, but this is what it looks like finished. Now for the chairs!  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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2 Responses to Kitchen Table

  1. Cheryl Irvin says:

    Oliver, this is beautiful! I have a tree that I just know has furniture in it. I would love to give it to you if I could ever figure out how to get it down and over to you.

  2. Alexandra Echols says:

    That is pretty awesome and so beautiful! I am so jealous of your craftiness and abilities to build anything out of everything! I cant wait to see the chairs with it! I love you.

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