4 months…and counting

We’ve already taken a lot longer to write our second blog post…then we wanted.  I actually typed one up over a week ago about something that God has really been growing me in…but I realized I still wasn’t ready to post it yet.

Silas is officially 4 months old and full of new and exciting adventures every day.  Our lives have changed drastically and we’re really learning how to serve our son, daily.  He is a funny kid.  Loves his tongue, but gets freaked out when he sees himself in the mirror.  And definitely adores his Daddy.  It’s really fun to watch him grow up.  The smallest things make you really impressed.

We’ve been traveling more and more every week…typical for Snowbird, and well, also for the Gattens.  I love to travel and Oliver has learned to love to travel with me.  And we’re blessed to have a little boy who travels great too!  Last week we had to travel to Orlando, FL to promote Snowbird at a youth pastor’s conference.  The part of the conference we attend was only one day, but we wanted to get there a few days earlier to hang out with some friends in Orlando.  We ended up getting to go to Downtown Disney and Islands of Adventure (in the Universal parks).  It’s been over 10 years since I’ve been on a roller coaster and I was so excited!  Thanks to our friends that got us in for free (it pays to know people)!!

We spent the last half of our week in Florida, over in Crestview, visiting Oliver’s sister and niece.  It was really great to get to spend some time with them and see their new house.  It’s hard having all of our family live so far away.  Wish we could see everyone more often!

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